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Urban Twilight Studios offers everything from technology products to outsourcing, consulting and planning services. We have the depth and experience to respond to your unique needs.

Why use outsource programming? Businesses today need highly functional, high-performance applications in order to remain competitive. Billions are spent each year to upgrade existing systems or develop new solutions. However, the high cost of in-house software development makes such efforts prohibitive to many businesses.

Some of the benefits you will receive by outsource your projects are as follows:

  • Additional staff without having to provide office space or equipment.
  • No travel, relocation or temporary housing expenses, no insurances, vacancies or sick leave expenses.
  • Main advantages of the outsourcing by the Polish software developers are professional quality due to very high skill set and traditionally reasonable rates of pay. With us you save over 50 % of your development costs.

Urban Twilight Studios' programmers and consultants are experienced with the latest client and thin-client/server languages, concepts and technologies including PHP, C++, Visual C++, Visual Basic, VBScript, ActiveX, Delphi, SQL, Java, JavaScript, CGI, HTML, DHTML, XML and WAP. Operating systems experience includes Windows and Unix varieties, WinCE and Palm OS. Web server experience includes IIS, Netscape and Apache. Database experience includes SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, FireBird, InterBase.

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