Advanced Image Resizer 2007

Advanced Image Resizer 2007 is the easiest to use user-friendly but yet feature-rich image resizing software solution available. This utility can work with the major image formats, including JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG, PCX, TGA. It uses advanced resample filters to optimize color levels and to prevent any quality loss. Ideal to create Thumbnails or Preview Images, with or without watermarks.

With our user friendly interface, the application is extremely easy to handle. You can add whole folders containing your images to the processing list or just pick as many files as you wish. You can drag and drop images from your folders or even from the Internet Explorer into the AdvancedImageResizer2007 Image List.

Advanced Image Resizer 2007 processes as many images as you wish at once, just prepare your file list and hit the start button. Additionally You can customize several tasks that will be performed on each of your images and thus produce multiple output files at once (e.g. one task to make the image 50% smaller, another one to resize it to an exact width or height etc.).

You have full control over the properties of the created images. And - you can add WATERMARKS (e.g. your company logo) easily to your images.

With our Update Technology you will always stay up-to-date with our latest available version of Advanced Image Resizer 2007 . Without any additional charges!


  • Supports almost any image file format
  • Converts multiple files at once
  • Capable of performing multiple custom tasks on all files simultaneously
  • Advanced Resampling Filter Technology
  • Custom Watermark drawing
  • Very fast image processing
  • Automated Web Update included
  • User friendly and Multi-Lingual Interface
  • Comes with Quick Start Help Documentation
  • Runs on all Windows Systems



Supported File Formats

  • BMP - Windows bitmaps
  • ICO - Windows icons
  • WMF - Windows metafiles
  • EMF - Windows enhanced meta files
  • JFIF - JFIF images
  • JPG - JPG images
  • JPE - JPE images
  • JPEG - JPEG images
  • MSK - Windows bitmaps
  • RLE - Run length encoded Windows bitmaps
  • DIB - Device independant Windows bitmaps
  • TGA - Truevision images
  • VST - Truevision images
  • VDA - Truevision images
  • WIN - Truevision images
  • ICB - Truevision images
  • TIF - PC TIF images
  • TIFF - Macintosh TIFF images
  • FAX - GFI fax images
  • EPS - Encapsulated Postscript images
  • PCX - ZSoft Paintbrush images
  • PCC - ZSoft Paintbrush images
  • SCR - Word 5.x screen capture images
  • RPF - Alias/Wavefront images
  • RLA - Alias/Wavefront images
  • SGI - SGI true color images
  • RGBA - SGI true color images with alpha
  • RGB - SGI true color images
  • BW - SGI black/white images
  • PSD - Photoshop images
  • PDD - Photoshop images
  • PPM - Portable pixel map images
  • PGM - Portable gray map images
  • PBM - Portable bitmap images
  • CEL - Autodesk images
  • PIC - Autodesk images
  • PCD - Kodak Photo-CD images
  • GIF - CompuServe images
  • CUT - Dr. Halo images
  • PSP - Paintshop Pro images
  • PFR - Paintshop Pro frames
  • TUB - Paintshop Pro tubes
  • PNG - Portable network graphic images
  • GED - Arts & Letters thumbnail images

Operating System:
File Size:
3.25 MB
14.95 USD /
10.95 EUR

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